Chris Van Cise
Chris Van Cise

Chris Van Cise


Helping you Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality Good Afternoon I want to Thank You for taking the time to read this and giving me the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about myself. My name is Chris Van Cise, I am 36 years old , I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta Canada. The 1st time I came to Mazatlan I knew this was where I belonged and where I wanted to raise my family. My wife was born and raised here in Mazatlan and my 3 kids have been born and are being raised here in Mazatlan as well. I am also fluent in Spanish and have a very well rounded knowledge of the city of Mazatlan. My purpose as a Keller Williams Real Estate Agent is to provide you with 110% unbeatable customer service, to listen to you, and ask the right questions to get a proper understanding of your needs and desires. My FIRST priority in helping you and your family Live the Dream is to make sure I help you choose the right home , not just any home! I will guide you through the buying process from start to finish. Throughout every and phone call I will help educate you on the different areas of Mazatlan ( pros and cons ) so that when we make a decision you will have the knowledge and confidence that you are making the right choice. As for helping you sell your home, I am able to educate you on the current market conditions and help you properly price your home the FIRST time not the second or the third. Properly pricing your home is very important. I strive to make sure I am up to date with the current market conditions. I am constantly visiting other homes on the Market so that I will have the knowledge to help you. I will educate you on my marketing plan and strategies so you will have a clear understanding on how I plan to sell your home on your behalf in a respectable timely fashion. I absolutely love what I do! Helping people turn there dreams into a reality is an amazing feeling of accomplishment . I am very passionate about professionalism, excellency and giving the best customer service possible. I strive to be the very best I can be and I try to improve myself every single day. I believe in my heart that I am one of the best of the best. If you are in need of any of my services or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I am and always will be your local expert at your service. Sincerely Chris Van Cise


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House For Sale

Fraccionamiento Sembradores de La Amistad / Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$1,400,000 MXN
$73,405 USD
112.0 m2
1 2.0 3

House For Sale in El Centro Historical

/ Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$1,299,000 MXN
$68,109 USD
109.3 m2
1 2.0 2

Beachfront Hacienda For Sale, in Teacapan

Teacapan / Escuinapa / Sinaloa

$4,758,539 MXN
$249,500 USD
1440.0 m2
4 2.5 3

House for Sale in Cerritos del Vegia

Cerro Del Vigía / Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$1,700,000 MXN
$89,135 USD
1 2.0 2

Beach Front Condo

/ Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$3,795,388 MXN
$199,000 USD
2.0 3

terenno por venta

/ Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$350,000 MXN
$18,351 USD
179.0 m2

Puntos Cerritos RV Park

/ Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$894,491 MXN
$46,900 USD
2 1

House for Sale in Centro

Mazatlán Centro / Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$1,270,000 MXN
$66,589 USD
195.0 m2
1 2.0 2

Condo For Sale

/ Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$1,504,804 MXN
$78,900 USD
1.0 1

Casa por Venta

Felipe Angeles / Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$300,000 MXN
$15,730 USD
90.0 m2
1.0 1

Puntas Cerritos RV Park

/ Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$951,708 MXN
$49,900 USD
1 1.0 2

Beach Front Condo for Sale in Mazatlan, Mexico

Cerritos al Mar / Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$4,100,545 MXN
$215,000 USD
2.0 3

Ocean Front Condo For Sale

/ Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$5,244,883 MXN
$275,000 USD
1 3.0 3

House For Sale

Fraccionamiento Marina Garden / Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$2,631,977 MXN
$138,000 USD
302.0 m2
1 1.0 2

Condo For Sale

/ Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$5,435,606 MXN
$285,000 USD
1 2.0 3

Punto Cerritos Palapa Village

/ Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$1,048,977 MXN
$55,000 USD
1 1.0 1

Ocean Front House For Sale - this is not real listing

Pueblo Teacapan / Escuinapa / Sinaloa

$6,293,859 MXN
$330,000 USD
1350.0 m2
6 20

Beach Front Lot for Sale

/ Escuinapa / Sinaloa

$953,615 MXN
$50,000 USD
2484.0 m2

Condo For Sale

Mazatlán Centro / Mazatlán / Sinaloa

$1,714,600 MXN
$89,900 USD
1.0 1

Commercial Beach Front Lot For Sale

/ Sinaloa / Sinaloa

$86,453,305 MXN
$4,532,925 USD
9543.0 m2